Executive Leader Development Training for Industry & Government

    • What Are We: A SecureChain – Is a team to conduct executive leader development education and training
    • Who Are We:  A senior, cross-disciplinary team of business leaders, logisticians, security experts, and technologists with distinguished backgrounds in government, military, payments, e-commerce, and information systems.
      • SecureChain’s leaders are trainers in planning critical security and logistics solutions for..
    • Our Vision: To provide holistic executive leadership development training capabilities to business and governments to prepare executive leaders to deal with natural or man-made disasters
    • Our Mission:
      • To conduct all embracing analysis and assessment of the executive leader development requirements of the client
      • To embrace end-to-end competencies in planning, conduct, and operational execution of leader development training exercises
      • To conduct realistic scenarios and simulations to prepare leaders for traumatic events – either natural catastrophe  or terror caused
Simulation Training Center at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland

Simulation Training Center at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland

  • What’s at Stake?
    • Failure is not an option!!!
    • Natural and man made disaster effects must be mitigated by enhanced executive leader training
    • Executive Leader Development Training to enhance
      • Reputation
      • Valuation
      • Viability
      • Planning
      • Collaboration
      • Provide global leadership capabilities